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About me – L&D Nurse to Midwife

My name is Marina and I am the author of this L&D Nurse to Midwife blog. I have been a Registered nurse for about 17 years and last eight of them have been in Labor and Delivery.  I am loving it!  A few Few years ago I made a decision to go back to school for an advanced practice degree. After my first year in the Family Nurse Practitioner program, I had more and more doubts if that was what I really wanted to do and if I will miss my Labor and Delivery world.  After giving it some thought and researching more into the role of the Nurse-Midwife, I transferred to the University of Cincinnati MSN Nurse-Midwifery program. 

In January 2018 I started my last semester of the program and will graduate in April 2018.  It is very exciting and nervewracking time of my life and my career.  I am excited to be able to start a new page of my life and to be able to provide midwifery care to many women.  I am nervous because of all the upcoming big tests and the job search.

In this blog, I am hoping to be able to share my experiences as a midwifery/graduate nursing student, my test preparation strategies, and struggles, as well as job hunting struggles and successes.

In addition,  I would like to post some patient education that you can use yourself or share with your patients.

Topics covered in this blog:

Please let me know what topics you would like to see being discussed here and any questions you have.


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About me
Marina Podolskiy, RN, BSN, SNM